Allied Health Professionals Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement 2020

PSUWA 2019 was registered on 25 February 2020 and concerns employees covered by the Tasmanian State Service Award (TSSA) and the Health and Human Services Award (HAHSA). In the context of the negotiations on the agreement, in addition to the amendments to the agreement and the corresponding attributions, a number of non-treaty issues were discussed and agreed upon by the parties. As part of the Public Service Collective Agreement (PSUWA), a new version of Job Instruction No. 1 was reissued, which came into force on March 9, 2020. The amendments concern Article 17, promotion without advertising. The previous authority to authorize advertising without advertising if the Head of the Public Service (HoSS) identifies special and compelling circumstances remains in place, and this applies to all employees covered by ED 1. Your wage rate depends on the assignment or professional agreement of your profession. You are the first workers in Australia to abandon a government wage policy without changing government, and you should be very proud of that! We know that more AHP is needed in all kinds of services across the state, and we know that you are working even harder than usual when we respond to the pandemic. We will soon have more information on the duration of the payment arrears, and we will publish it as soon as we know more.

For workers who work regular shifts, which includes Saturday and Sunday shifts, an additional week of leave is credited to their vacation entitlements (prorated for part-time workers), and a day added to their annual leave entitlement can also be added when a public holiday is due. The agreement provides a number of benefits for employees, including: If an employee is facing difficult circumstances of having to grieve or have access to compassionate leave during their recreational or parental leave, this right can now be claimed and your recreational leave is credited and the parental leave is adjusted. We pay 9.5% of your salary (including regular hours, vacation, penalties, overtime) as a retirement pension. This is paid into a compliant pension fund of your choice. Our vacation rights and options help you balance your professional and personal life, and include: To support parents who can take a vacation to care for a new child, the retirement pension is paid on the unpaid component of the vacation. Employers` pension insurance contributions will also be increased to 100% for employees who take parental leave with half of their salary. This eliminates the significant disadvantage that parents have experienced in the past, who can take unpaid leave to care for new children and, as a result, have experienced a gap in their pension contributions. Employees other than those who have received remuneration in lieu of paid annual leave, personal leave and paid leave are entitled to four weeks of paid leave per year of leave for full-time employees and pro rata for part-time workers. You`ll enjoy all the benefits of an urban lifestyle with easy access to beaches, rivers, lakes and national parks – or you can live with these on your doorstep. There are our four main population centres – Hobart, Launceston, Burnie and Devonport – and a number of beautiful rural and remote island sites to consider. So far, employees have been able to use 10 of their personal vacation days for care purposes. This has now been expanded so that employees have 20 days of personal vacation per year for care purposes.

Ie. New parents can take an additional two weeks of paid leave to support a new child. For employees on maternity or adoption leave, this period is increased from 14 weeks to 16 weeks. Partners can also access an increase in paid leave from 1 week to 3 weeks after the birth of a new child. These changes will apply from the first full pay period, which begins on or after December 1, 2019. You must have worked in the public service for at least 12 months and be entitled to paid sick leave as a condition of employment. This right includes 12 weeks of maternity leave paid at your normal rate of pay and a combination of long-term, recreational and unpaid leave. We offer two wage sacrifice schemes where you can give up part of your normal pre-tax salary: for groups or categories where the proportion of temporary employees has been set at more than 15% (as described below), agency managers have been asked to conduct a formal review of the employment status of each term employee in these groups and/or categories, or to confirm the legitimacy of the temporary duration.

Employment status or change of permanent employment status if the following criteria are met: We recognize the importance of recreational leave and for the effective reconciliation of work and family life. Long-term leave is a right available to employees after ten years of uninterrupted service with 6.5 working days per year for full-time employees and pro rata for part-time employees. * There have been at least three consecutive periods of temporary employment. There are now two specific provisions relating to ad-free promotion to employees covered by PSUWA (who are covered by TSSA and HAHSA) beyond what is stated in 17.1c under these new clauses: If you have been employed by a Commonwealth, state or territory government in Australia and you start dhHS within 90 days, your previous service will be recognized for long periods of leave. * The term temporary is valid for an uninterrupted period of 24 months or eight uninterrupted school years for school employees of the Ministry of Education who perform the same or similar tasks. All parties have agreed that the following cohorts will be reviewed: The performance of the salary increase has been extended to the first full salary period after 1. December 2019 backdated, resulting in a one-time retroactive salary in connection with the increase in the wage rate: If an agency manager does not change the employment status of a fixed-term worker who meets all of the above criteria, the head of the agency must explain in writing to the employee why the status has not been changed….